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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Selecting your main Goal and the specific Niche (topic)

Step 3: Selecting your main Goal and the specific Niche (topic)

Now comes the hardest step, But don’t worry I will make it easy for you.
So, when you have learned the step 1 and step 2,
You are now able to start blogging…. Yaaahhooo
But wait what topic should I choose to write / blog about?
What do you know?
About sports, gaming, movies, internet, technology etc…
Choose the main or specific area you love,
Then brainstorm about the specific topics that would be easy for you to write, assemble and share.
For example, I love Blogging, Now here blogging is a big term or a high keyword (according to Google keyword, want to know about Google keyword) and I would not be able to rank on the first page of Google.
So, what I do is find specific topics on blogging or narrowing it down to one specific topic,
Blogging SEO
Blogging SEO Keyword research
Blogging SEO On-page etc etc

And at last I come to a specific topic on starting a blog and my main keywords and topics are blogging benefits and earning online, ranking on search engines (SEO), making / designing a profitable Blog. Here are different topics I discuss because I know them all and I love to write about them.
But you can choose one of them like, ranking on search engines and still you can go deeper to get better results
For example
Search engine optimization (SEO)
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Back linking
Social visibility
Etc etc

You can choose one of them as now a day each one has their own vast field to write and share about.

So, once you chosen your main topic note it somewhere because it will go with till success.  

If you are still confused and not selected topic watch this tutorial on how to research keywords for your blog.

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