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Sunday, 24 July 2016

should i go for Blog or Website?

Step 2: What do I mean By Blog Not a Website

For you start as a newbie to the industry it important to know the difference between Blog and a website.

A website is simply a static page or a showcase where you put your products, services and anything you love to.
And on the other hand Blog is a dynamic that is updating daily (or make it much easier hourly) which unique and fresh content.

The main factor to consider and work on is, Your audience which is responsible for your success and to get a massive amount of audience to read and like what you are sharing, you have to be real and authentic.
Wait what do I mean by real and authentic?

a.       You have to share your own ideas and thoughts, do not copy or use other ones work as they have also worked as hard as you are going to do.
b.      Be yourself, whatever you are and what position are you in, just be yourself do not worry about the fame at first.
c.       Write about the best thing you can give to your audience.
d.      Let your audience give you feed back on your Blog comments and reply them with nice and helpful information.
e.      Let your audience be in your email list so that you would available for them any time.


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